Wednesday, 10 February 2010

First Post

Tags: Intro, politics, transportation, sustainability, alternative energy, electronics, tech, gadgets, projects, life

So I started writing my business blog last week, and thought it was time I got to writing some Raving's already.
The issue is I guess what on earth I should focus on out of the many interests I have from Politics itself to the things it focus on, Transportation, Sustainability, Climate Change, Environment, Alternative Energy, Electronics, Tech and Gadgets, Projects and well Life in general!

So I decided that I would not choose, but post the relevant Tags for each article, and make it easier to choose which posts you might like to read, rather than reading them all.
In fact I might post the Tags at the top of the Article as well.

I have to say I am writing my Business Blog in WordPress, and so far I am liking it much more, just an aside.

For those that don't know me, I am a highly opinionated, argumentative type that thinks everything could be done better, and is quite happy to tell people most of the time, in fact it is my job to do so, and it unfortunately carries across to my personal/ social life sometimes, even if I do try to keep it at bay.

Ok, so the idea for this Blog is to just write/ comment/ publish ideas of which I would like comments on, or just want someone to do, or I just want to write down my opinion at the time.
At no time shall this opinion be deemed my opinion other than at the time I wrote it, as per my mood and current knowledge at the time.
I am open to information, in fact suck it up like a vacuum, and can therefore change my opinion on different issues as more information comes to light.
For example I would happily take on board information from reputable sources on both sides of the Climate Debate, and regularly read the opponents opinions.
Mind the funniest thing is that the climate "denier" camp so often cite unworthy sources, or none at all it is hard to take them seriously at all, let alone the fact that they seemingly are happy to keep killing of millions of the world's poorest people by continuing on with business as usual... but let me leave that for a post on that particular topic.

So with the imminent release of Apples Content Delivery system, the Ipad, I choose to jump into the world of blogging on a personal level, and here it is.  Btw I am totally not an Apple person, but see some value in their products.... the usability factor I guess, maybe more people will jump on the gadget wagon... so all good Apple, just don't ruin it for us Geeks.