Monday, 30 July 2012

Buyer Beware: Fraud on Credit Card Statement

So I recently found some fraud has happened to me... so sad to see my credit card of 5 odd years go... so long great 16 digit number I remember so well.

So if you happen to find entries like these on your Credit Card, beware, they are not from Ebay as you might think.  I have checked with Ebay, and Paypal, and my Bank:

Beware of:

17/05/2012 -6.98  PAYPAL *EBAYAUSTRAL      4029357733  AUS

27/05/2012 -1.49  EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS
29/05/2012 -7.98          EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS
6/06/2012 -7.98  EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dear Vline, Group Mass Transit

Hi there,
I don't understand how you can charge so much for Mass Transit?
For 2 people to travel return to Bendigo, leaving on Friday 16:52 service, returning Saturday is $85.20.
For the same 2 people to drive a car up, even a hire car, it is less to cover Petrol, Rent/purchase costs.
How do you justify this Price? It is sooo expensive, if you had a group of 3 or more you would have to have nuts in your head to catch the train, it really does not reflect a society that is encouraging Mass Transit use instead of Clogging our Roads with Cars.
Why don't you give a massive discount to groups?

For example: 2 people get 35% off, 3 people get 40% off, 4 or more people get 50% off fares.
Then you are more competitive with the car, fairly simple.

I look forward to your thoughtful response.