Monday, 30 July 2012

Buyer Beware: Fraud on Credit Card Statement

So I recently found some fraud has happened to me... so sad to see my credit card of 5 odd years go... so long great 16 digit number I remember so well.

So if you happen to find entries like these on your Credit Card, beware, they are not from Ebay as you might think.  I have checked with Ebay, and Paypal, and my Bank:

Beware of:

17/05/2012 -6.98  PAYPAL *EBAYAUSTRAL      4029357733  AUS

27/05/2012 -1.49  EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS
29/05/2012 -7.98          EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS
6/06/2012 -7.98  EBAYAUSTRAL              61282880177 AUS


  1. Now i Know the importance of Credit card statement this contains the information about Credit limit, cash limit, minimum amount due etc.,,,,,

  2. Hi Did you end up figuring this charge out? I have just found it on a statement of mine.

  3. Hi Jason,
    I did in the end.
    GumTree are owned by Ebay Australia, they are the ones that put this charge on my card and identified it like that.
    Should update this entry.... Thanks for reminding me.

    1. I am curious, Craig, were these charges made fraudulently in the end, or did you actually make purchases from ebay or Gumtree?

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