Friday, 25 February 2011

Democratic Evolution

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To enable a true representation on the Communities real point of view, and enable a transparent system of viewing the community’s point of view on an issue.
To centralise the systems of Government and allow communities to show their points of view in one place on an issue, whether it be Local, State, Federal or International (only Australian Registered voters will be able to register for this system)
To enable individual issues to be discussed by the broader community, and for information providers (News/Internet etc) to direct the community to an issue to allow their opinion to be heard.
To ensure each and every member of the community has access to the system to ensure a broad section of the community can have its say.

An objectively controlled Online based system that allows Voters to register.
(Could be considered a Social Network ordained by the Government)
Each registered voter can register onto the system (one vote, one registration)

The system will have a list of all current issues in discussion by the parliament (Bills/Issues etc)
A list of the committees/ MPs that are overseeing the discussion, who raised it, who supports it etc
A forum for discussion on each individual issue.
A UML type map of how this issue fits into the bigger picture. A visible display of what other options this issue would effect.
For example increasing spending on more beds for the aged, means less beds for the younger generations.
Ability to vote on each individual issue
Ability to Create an Issue, and get support for the issue to be raised in Parliament, and create a parliamentary issue from this interest.

Majority of Registered Voters must be able to Access the system.
A requirement that Issues are published in all newspapers (Supplement published weekly) and spoken on a regular basis in all Licensed Media – Major Newspapers, Local Newspapers, News, etc. (Could be legislated into the Licensing agreement)
Web based Media can provide links to individual issues. For example The Age online could provide a link to the current issue in its opinion section.
ISPs, Web access points would be required to allow access to this website at no cost.
Libraries, Government buildings and other community centres could have “pods” to allow access.
People can then write in via Letter or Fax, and have their views published (less their identity) Faxes/Letters would be scanned, and votes input by objective third party organisation. (All identities can be completely controlled, however you can only ever vote once on an issue during each debate period)
Audit Trail – Random verification of correctness of voting position on issues based on letters/ faxes. All letters archived and linked to votes with Voter Registration Details, date/ time issue number etc.

Types of Issues:
Parliamentary Issues would be open for discussion for 1 month. After this term, the issue is then closed for Parliamentary discussion, and reopened for 1 month to allow for comments on amendments by Politicians.
Community Created Issues would have 1 month to gain support from the community and then it would be up to politicians to decide on popular issues.

This system would allow politicians the ability to release policies for public consultation, and gauge support for each individual issue. This would therefore allow them to actually measure the communities support or opposition for each individual issue, policy or bill that is currently being debated in parliament.
Also allowing the community to show support for issues that are not being debated in parliament, and raising awareness for these issues (or showing them to be opposed by the broader community)
Actually see statistics from a broad section of the community on any individual issue.
Recognise when an issue has a community interest.

Potential Problems with System
People over a certain age are not technically knowledgably
- Allow for Letters/ Faxes with Voter Registration details
- Fill in a form and send it in (OCR Technology used to save labour cost)
- Personalised voting forms could be acquired from all Government Buildings free of charge, or printed out for you by your technical adept family member
Not everyone has access the internet
- Issues are published, with Issue Number/ Identifier regularly in local publications at all levels of community
Politicians would be out of a job
- Someone would still have to create the issues, show support for them, lead, represent, make decisions in tough times, etc. (Maybe just a few less egotistical popular pollies, and a few more truly “for the people” pollies)

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