Monday, 10 May 2010

What type of World do we live in?

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What type of world do you live in when you can leave work at 6pm, catch an Open air art exhibition on the way home, and then grab a shower and be on a flight to Perth at 810pm? Mine!

Given I ride a bicycle it only takes me 10-15 mins to get to/from work, which makes life really easy and simple... I can even grab a coffee on the way to work at a good coffee shop instead of the less nice coffee shops closer to the office, riding up Swan St Richmond, coffee in hand (in sustainable/ reusable mug) to arrive with still hot coffee and no stress at all.  In fact I barely see another sole on the way to work.  A quick spin down King St and I am on the River, riding along unaffected by traffic, issues with trains or anything really.  Just a nice peaceful ride along the river, where I get to see the day start, measure the weather and just enjoy the crisp air to wake me up, arriving fully ready and awake at work, nothing better.
Oh and at the end of the day, I have of course done my pre-requisite 30 minutes exercise for the day easy peasy, no need to go to the Gym or take time out of my day to do exercise, it is done without even thinking, incidentally.

So I am off to Perth this weekend, followed by Brisbane next week.  I was at a Environemnt talk recently where they basically said "don't fly" which I just can't come to terms with.  I am a pretty hard core environmentalist, and I get that flying causes Climate Change, but I can't give it up!  If anyone had a vice, mine is visiting people.  I have no interest in the actual activity, that I could easily do away with... the airport queues, the cramped conditions, the checked baggage rules (oh... eurostar why not in Australia).
And I really would catch the train to Perth, Brisbane, anywhere in Australia if they only went fast enough!
I have to say not having invested in Fast Rail in Australia 20 years ago was the worst decision made by the Hawke Government (not suggesting they decided to or not, I don't know I was a kid, but I know they where in power)
But giving up the trips to Europe; that would be really hard.  And to be honest I don't think it is really justified.  The cost might be high, but it could easily be allieviated with the appropriate Offsets, at maybe twice the rate or something (now there is a story).
I think bringing the world closer together via cheap travel is the best opportunity we have to educate and ensure we all get along.  I would suggest that now that more people have seen the world, they can look beyond their front doorsteps (or front lips) to see the more global perspective.  I even read an article today where people where having the potential to have their house's bought up by the Government to build a rail line, they said "We don't mind more trains" but look at all the options, instead of saying the usual "not in my backyard" which I felt was great.

Mind in a lot of community meetings I often hear "I understand the need for x, but...." usually pertaining to "not in my backyard".  I think this is where the cause for a proper representation of the public would be useful.  A forum where everyone at all levels can "mingle" and really get to know the goals of the upper echolon of government.  This of couse is working in Corporate divisions where companies like IBM and Google are leading the way by encouraging discussion and forums to ensure everyone is on the same level, and working towards the same goals.

Enabling the public to understand the reason behind policy would ensure they can be "happy" with it, and also that the Policians actually are representing our views.  It is a far cry to fight for a more than 2 party system, or even 3, but really this system of towing the party line, it is really unconstitutional and riduclous, I do agree that the strategy of a party should be to show a united front, but I would like to see more crossing the floor, and that this behaviour be more accepted.  If your constituents believe in something then that belief should get a public representation in parliament.  I think the usual politics that goes down in question time is appalling, it would be great if they could sort that out.

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