Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ride to Work Day 2010 - Ride to Work MONTH, not day!!

I have an idea.  Based on my experience, and also some other friends of mine, making the change to get out of your car (and off your fat arse in some cases) and onto a bicycle requires more than just a day or two to make it happen.  In fact if you change your habits it takes an average of 3 weeks to really change your core behaviour.
Ride to Work MONTH
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The Idea/Campaign:
Have volunteers from the inner suburbs of Melbourne opt to ride to work for a month.
As there is nothing like riding a new bicycle, with panniers and knowledge of a good rain jacket, overalls, gloves and shoe covers to ensure a pleasurable experience is had.  Also the ability to carry goods is useful for most people.
The will also get free use of a Flexicar for the Month with 5-10 hours of driving time available in case they need the car.  They then have to give up their car keys for the month of October.
October being the month the Ride to Work day happens, so BV might support this idea, and also the Amy Gillet Foundation does courses on riding and safety around this time, which would work in well with the idea.

Issues people have with Cycling
It is dangerous
- This is due to vehicles not being aware of cyclists, the ways to avoid this are numerous, including having more cyclist on the roads to ensure people see them, and also wearing lots of bright colours and lights helps too.  Another way to feel safer on the road is to do a course in Rider Safety offered by the Amy Gillet Foundation and local bicycle stores, ask your local one.
I don't have a bike
- The idea behind this campaign is to provide you with a bike of which you can purchase at the end of the month if you decide to continue riding, or give back at the end.
I want a buddy to ride with
As part of the campaign I would be asking local bicycle shops to put up signs to get some local cycling commuters to register and provide a buddy system, almost like car sharing, we can help our fellow new cyclists to become more confident on the roads.
There is no safe way to work
Part of the campaign will be to sit down with each volunteer and a map, and show them the easiest way to get to all their regular places, work, friends, grocery shopping, hang outs etc by bicycle.
- Not ever heard of a cyclist getting done for Drink Cycling...
There is no end of ride Facilities (Shower/Locker)
As part of the campaign I plan to find a local facility (within walking distance to your workplace) that will allow you to use their shower/lockers at the end of your ride for the month.  For example the local gym, or pool, or other work place that does have facilities.  Eventually we could get something like this green pod installed near your office http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/txt/s2865944.htm
And of course if you are in the CBD you would use BikePark for your end of ride.

Please post your issues in the comments so I can address then in this list.

Sponsors needed!
In order to make this idea happen we need some sponsorship.  Someone to supply the equipment for example would be great.

Equipment required
- Bicycle
Pacific Stratus Men's Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
- Helmet
Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Adult)
- Lights and Bell
Planet Bike Beamer 1 LightsetMirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell
- Pannier Rack and Bags
Sunlite Grocery Getter Bike Pannier Bag (1,186 c.i.)
- Rain protective gear like
Pearl iZUMi Zephrr Cycling Jacket
Serfas Zen Full Finger Men's Cycling GloveRainshield Waterproof Breathable Rain Pants - YellowLouis Garneau X-Warmer Shoe Covers 2007


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