Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dog S#!t! How much is a DNA test these days?

So I was just walking around a lovely park, in the lovely sunshine, enjoying the fact that summer is coming, and is just around the corner, when I luckily noticed, and avoided a pile of dog s#!t, which is never a fun site to see.

Now, if I was in the bush, and it was possum poo, it really wouldn't bother me, but the domestic pet mess is just not so acceptable.

Basically people should really understand that there are "other" people around them... yes you are not the centre of the world... so if your dog does its business while on a walk, or exercise, it is your responsibility to clean up after it.  As someone else, especially in our every expanding world where higher density living is becoming the norm, will no doubt be wanting to use that particular space in the not to distant future, and you have ruined it by not cleaning up after your pet.

This got me to thinking, the best way to stop people essentially being lazy, is to charge them for it, and of course a fine should be a % of income, or net worth, not an arbitrary amount set by the council (this of course ensures the fine "hurts" everyone)
Then there comes to the problem of finding the perpetrator, of which of course can be difficult, as we don't and don't want to live in a 1984 world of CCTV and big brother.
However this lead me to the thought that it would be simple enough to identify the said dog via a DNA test on the said doo-do, of which could be linked back to the DNA test performed on the pet when it is registered.

Seems like a good idea? What do you think? How much is a DNA test these days anyway?

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