Tuesday, 9 November 2010

3 dings and your a dummy!

Oh the tiniest of objects are often the ones of most value to us sometimes, it is funny how a $5 (AUD) bell can make life just that much more pleasing.
I have to say, I love riding my bike, it is so much better than walking.. besides the increased speed, and reduced effort to go long distances, the fact that you can use the bell on your bike as a discreet, universally understood message to those idiot, self centred pedestrians is just joyous.
When I am walking around, people just stop in the middle of the foot path/ road, anywhere they happen to be, with absolutely no warning, and gee it pisses me off to no end.... but on a bike, you simple give them a "ding"
1 ding = I am coming past
2 dings = Pay attention, I can't get past you if you don't move (or grab your kid so they don't jump in front of a me)
3 dings = You are a bloody ignoramus, you should not be allowed out of your house until you learn to pay attention to the fact that you live in a world with other people in it.
> 3 dings = Back to the womb, you need to start again, this time maybe look around you occasionally, look, all these other people going about their business everyday, trying to get places, amazing isn't it.

I wish I could ding when I was walking, it would make life so much more enjoyable, nothing worse than getting caught behind someone that is out for a Sunday stroll on Monday Morning at 9am, especially when you have a meeting right around the corner, and some lump decides to block the way... ooooo I could throttle them.

But alas one can't do that, so we breathe deeply, resign ourselves that some people simply have no idea, and eventually find our way around them, and whacky doo, you are there and meeting is being had, life's little stresses are gone.
I think it is funny sometimes, as I often will get annoyed at people, yet I preach to be calm and relaxed... one day I will listen to myself and stop ranting.
Enjoy your day!

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