Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Sitting in a cafe on top of a hill over looking bosphorous, that is the bay of istanbul.

Has been a long day of walking around the city after a very good night out with my local friends.

I think turkish are very similar to hungarians in a way, hospitable like crazy once you warm them up.

This city its truly a harbour city, with ferries going continually from asia to europe and back.

Not many photos from here as Is a city, so nothing interesting, and the historical stuff, really just wiki it. :)   Sophia  Topkapi palace  Galata kulesi   Grand bazaar  Istanbul university 

My favourite line from a carpet shop spruicker to another at the blue mosque "he doesn't want carpet, look at his shoes he just walked down from a mountain" which I had, ands was true.

Spent my fourth night around taksim square, which reminds me a lot of londons west end, the shopping street is busier than oxford st on a sat, till very late at night.

Istanbul is larger than london, but surprisingly easier to navigate and the people see nicer, must be the sun.  No way I would live there mind. Hot, slow and I'm not a huge fan of the food, much like london, except the hot bit.  Transport suppliers to new good, well organised and runs to a good schedule. Except no ferries on a sunday morning, so a trip that usually costs 2L, cost 38, but I dogs get to see the city from a sydney harbour like bridge at dawn. :)

Overall, had a great time, met some amazing new friends and enjoyed my time immensely.

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