Monday, 18 July 2011

Privacy Information - ID Scanning at Venues

If a venue scans your ID, they can potentially steal your identity. .... how easy is it to take a Bank Card Number, your Name, Address, DOB and Driver License No. to impersonate someone.... VERY!!

I recommend only allowing them to scan your DL Number and Photo, ask them to cover the rest of your Private Information, as per the Privacy Commissionar they are only allowed to collect necessary personal information.  They say the scanning is for Police viewing only, and the police can easily look up your info from your DL number, and identify you from the Photo, so this should be sufficient.
Excert from Key Message in above Link:
A business may only scan customers' identity documents if it is necessary for its functions or activities. In the first instance businesses should consider whether identification is required and, if so, whether simply sighting a 'proof of identity' document without scanning it would be sufficient.
Businesses that do seek to use scanning technology must make sure they comply with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act which regulate the collection and handling of personal information by businesses. In general, if you scan customers' identity documents, the Privacy Act requires that, among other things, you:
  • collect only necessary personal information;
  • give customers information about why you are collecting their personal information and how it will be handled;
  • only use or disclose the personal information for the purpose of the collection, unless an exception applies;
  • only retain the scanned personal information for as long as necessary, consistent with the collection purpose;
  • store the personal information securely and allow access to it by the individual if requested.
Businesses may be able to have greater confidence about meeting their obligations under the Privacy Act by getting the express consent of customers before scanning identity documents. Seeking consent is also good privacy practice and likely to promote trust between the customer and business.

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