Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Regional Turkey

Regional Turkey

It really is sureal to be in a place where over half a million souls perished due to some idiot commander in the British Empire thinking "it will be easy to take Turkey and control the connection between Russia and the Med"
This place is amazing, sad and brought a new respect for the Turks like I have never had before.  Their Commander Attaturk was truly amazing, strategic and defended his country with honour and I respect him and his people more and more as I travel through it.
The tour although not completely necessary was a good way to see this, especially since they added a boat part, where you actually drive up to the section of the coast those first 1500 Aussies attacked, and you can see in some way the aspect they dealt with - absolutely amazing really.

Salcuk / Efes
Salcuk was a nice little town just an overnight bus ride from near ANZAC cove, which sucked btw.  An overnight bus ride in Turkey is simply terrible for a tall person.  The seat pitch was worse than Tiger Airways (Ryan air for my European friends) but one thing was for sure, they had a TV screen in the back of the seat that was awesome.  You could just plug in your USB and play anything from it.  That was good.  Sleeping on the other hand was not an easy task when I had to move every 5 minutes as people walked past and I had to move my legs.
There is a lovely Mosque and some ruins here next to Marys house, so you get to know a bit of Christian History here.  The local beach was a typical Mediterraen beach, which is pretty terrible in Aussie standards - rocks, no waves, no sand.

Efes on the other hand was one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  Total respect for the Romans, they really knew what they where doing, and I find it really strange that they perished, like most great empires I guess, everything comes to an end :)
This city had an amaing Theatre - total respect for the arts here - we are a pillar for Civilized society, with out it we would still be bashing women over the head and dragging them into our caves - oh wait they still do that in some parts of the world - probably the parts that it is to hot for creative people to think in :) haha
The Libary here is pretty amazing too, and a funny rumour that the men used to tell their wives they where off to the library, but there was a secret tunnel to the bath house across the street they would go through instead of studying - oldest industry in History good old Sex Industry :)

This is one of the most amazing things I have seen in the world, and in my life.  I literally was "walking on water" up a hill.  It was incredible.
[link to google images]
There was also a Theatre here which was bigger and had more structure/ reconstruction, and more ruins (old broken buildings - how many do I need to see...really...)
A short bus ride later I was finally in a coastal town where I could do some Diving! Awesome!  See you next post

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